Discover Your Island


Workforce Training

Our online Workforce Training programs can start you on a path to an in-depth profession in such in-demand fields as Healthcare, Software Development, and Sustainable Energy. Many programs lead to industry certification. Scholarships, grants, and payment plans are available.

Education & Development

Discover the bridge to a career pathway. Our Personal Enrichment courses are divided into two types: self-study tutorials and instructor-led courses. Subjects include Business, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Industrial and Professional Trades. Benefits include 1-on-1 instructors, flexible schedule, affordability, and most lead to industry certification.

Events & Conferences

The Office of Events & Conferences (OEC) provides community organizations access to facilities to modern event, meeting, and conference venues such as the Performing Arts Center, the University Center, and the Dugan Wellness Center. The OEC staff will provide you with assistance and service in making your event effortless and memorable.

Pollution Prevention

The Pollution Prevention Partnership (P3) provides public awareness and information about the local air quality and ozone pollution. Workshops and programs such as AutoCheck have provided educational opportunities and environmental assistance programs and services.  Contact Pollution Prevention x3070 and learn more about how you can make a positive difference to your community.

National Spill Control School

The National Spill Control School (NSCS), founded in 1977, offers specialized hands-on OSHA mandated training for professionals and workers in the Oil Spill, HAZMAT, and Emergency Management industries. Courses are offered year-round and consists of hands-on training locations at various land and water sites. Sign up today.