Financial Conflict of Interest

Financial conflicts of interest (FCOI) requirements apply to all “investigators” involved in funded sponsored research activities. Investigators include those who are “responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research” (e.g., principal investigator, co-principal investigator, project director, students who receive compensation in the form of scholarship, salary, or tuition reimbursement). The purpose is to mitigate any actual or perceived bias in research conducted by these personnel.

There are two requirements for FCOI:

  1. Training (expires every four years)
    1. The purpose of training is so that investigators understand what financial information must be disclosed and by whom.
    2. Complete TrainTraq course “Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research 2111716.”
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  2. Disclosure (annual requirement)
    1. The purpose of the disclosure is for the investigator to make known any financial interests (as described in TAMUCC Policy 15.01.03.C1), then the Conflict of Interest Official (COIO) conducts a review. If a FCOI is found, then the COIO will work with the investigator, the sponsor, and any other interested parties, as applicable, to develop a management plan to mitigate any bias.
    2. Complete the annual disclosure in Maestro.
      1. Further instructions may be found in Maestro’s FCOI Manual.

For questions about the review process, contact the Research Compliance and Export Control Officer.

For questions about TrainTraq, contact the Department of Employee Development and Compliance Services: or (361) 825-5826.

For questions about Maestro, contact Sharmeen Ahmed, Research and Commercialization Analyst, Office of Commercialization: or (361) 825-2886.