Training is managed through CITI.

What training is required?

Training required depends on your research activities. The regulatory committees require the following training:

Courses Required

Human Subjects Research “Social & Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher Course” 3 years
Animal Use

Everyone: “Animal Care and Use Course”.

If research involves fish as animal subjects: “Working with Fish”

3 years
Biohazardous Materials Use “Initial Biosafety Training – Basic Course” 3 years

Sponsors may require additional training.

NIH or NSF Funding

For any type of protocol (e.g., AUP, BUP, HSRP) where the source of funding is the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or the National Science Foundation (NSF), complete the course entitled “Responsible Conduct of Research” by selecting the appropriate Learner Group under Question 1. This course is a requirement of NIH and NSF and is taken in addition to the above applicable course(s), depending on the type of subjects involved. The course expires after three (3) years.

When should I complete training?
Before submitting to the committee. Training compliance will be checked upon submission. Failure to have training completed will result in delaying your submission review.
Before the expiration. Training compliance is also checked during annual reviews. Failure to have training completed could result in your study expiring.