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Research, Commercialization and Outreach

Active Sponsored Projects

The following list contains active research projects by Principal Investigators (PIs) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi funded within the past 12 months. All projects are in alphabetical order, by PI last name, for each college, center, or institute at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. The PI's name, sponsor(s), title, and awarded amount are shown for each project.

For questions, or to make any corrections to the list below, please contact Sharmeen Ahmed, Research and Commercialization Analyst, at Sharmeen.ahmed@tamucc.edu. All content is updated on a monthly basis (last updated October 9, 2015).

Academic Affairs

  • Patricia Spaniol-Mathew
    U.S. Department of Education; McNair Scholars Program; $1,097,575

    U.S. Department of Education; STEM Online Supplemental Instruction Project (STEM-OSIP); $3,301,524
  • Jennifer Anderson
    American Library Association; Latin Americans: 500 years of history; $3,000
  • Joann Canales
    USDA-National Institute of Food And Agriculture; CULTIVAR iPlus [Connecting Underrepresented Latinos To Integrate Values and Academic Resources i(Incorporating) P(parents) L(leadership opportunities) U(understanding of USDA systems) and S(social media mentoring)] Year 1; $52,300.44

College of Education

  • Phyllis Robertson
    U.S. Department of Education; Future Leaders in Providing Low Incidence Disability Services: FLIP YOUR LIDS; $1,145,395

College of Liberal Arts

  • Philip Rhoades
    Texas Department of Transportation; Safe Communities Safe Driving Public Education Campaign; $59,077
  • Sarah Scott
    Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Evaluation of the Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition Project of the CADA; $36,000

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

  • Frances Forgione
    DHHS-HRSA-Bureau of Health Professions; Nursing Workforce Diversity (NWD) Program; $349,926

    DHHS-HRSA-Bureau of Health Professions; Nursing Workforce Diversity (NWD) Program - Year two funding; $349,919
  • Susan Greathouse
    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; TAMUCC CONHS Building Lab and Simulation Capacity Project; $149,985
  • Mary Jane Hamilton
    Blackstone Charitable Foundation; Blackstone Project for eLine Military Program; $50,000

    DHHS-HRSA-Bureau of Health Professions; Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR) Program- Veteran's Bachelor of Science in Degree in Nursing; $349,965
  • Christell Bray
    DHHS-HRSA-Bureau of Health Professions; Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship (AENT) Programs; $294,220

College of Science and Engineering

  • Mark Besonen
    CBBEP/EPA/TCEQ; Water Quality of the Baffin Bay System since AD 1850 as Inferred from Sediment COres; $75,000
  • Darek Bogucki
    NSF; Investigation of Turbulance Generation by Surface Waves; $409,394
  • Andreas Fahlman
    WHOI/DOD-Navy-Office of Naval Research; Measuring compartment size and gas solubility in marine mammals; $45,357
  • Xinping Hu
    University of Delaware; Dynamics of dissolved inorganic carbon and dissolved oxygen following natural or manmade petroleum carbon release into arine environments-Year 3; $77,238
  • Lovell Jones
    The National African American Tobacco Prevention Network (NAATPN); The National African American Tobacco Prevention Network subcontract; $35,000
  • Dulal Kar
    NSF; Supporting Undergraduate for Careersin Computing and Engineering with Scholarships and Supervision (SUCCESS); $609,857
  • Ajay Katangur
    TEES/NSF; Transforming Undergraduate Learning in Digital Systems in Texas; $17,685
  • Longzhuang Li
    NSF; MRI: Acquisition of a High Performance Computing Cluster to Support Multidisciplinary Big Data Analysis and Modeling; $399,038
  • Chuntao Liu
    Rockwell Collins, Inc.; Global Distribution of Radar Reflectivity Profiles; $24,000

    Northwest Research Associates, Inc./National Science Foundation; Improving Connections between Gravity Waves and Convection in the NCAR Coupled Earth System Model (CESM); $47,896

    NSF; Understanding the contributions from thunderstorms and electrified shower clouds to the global electric circuit-Year 1; $127,584
  • Ahmed Mahdy
    Balcony Realty, LLC.; Research Agreement between TAMUCC and Balcony Realty, LLC.; $158,592

    NSF; MRI: Development of an Integrated Gas Monitoring and Source Identification Unmanned Aircraft System for Exploration, Compliance and Assesssment; $539,998
  • Riccardo Mozzachiodi
    DHHS-National Institute of Health; Analysis of the Effects of Aversive Experience on Non-Defensive Behaviors and Underlying Neural Circuits; $225,340
  • Dorina Murgulet
    TAMU/Texas Sea Grant College Programs/NOAA-NSGO; Evaluating Groundwater/Surface-Water Inflow and Nutrient Transport to Texas Coastal Embayments; $99,871
  • Frank Pezold
    TEES; LSAMP Phase V Agreement 2014-2015; $85,767
  • Jennifer Pollack
    The Nature Conservancy; Half Moon Restoration (CIAP) Monitoring Projects; $125,959
  • John Scarpa
    University of Florida/DOC-NOAA-La Jolla, CA; Revitalizing Hard Clam Aquaculture Industry in SO. East; $15,211
  • Michael Starek
    U.S. Army Corp of Engineers; Development of Probabilistic Clutter Maps within Complex Forested Terrain Using Airborne Lidar Data; $109,900
  • Magesh Thiyagarajan
    Brookes Blossoming Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation/Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation; $30,000
  • Michael Wetz
    CBBEP; Baffin Bay Water Quality 2015; $50,000

    TAMU/Texas Sea Grant College Programs/NOAA-NSGO; Identification of organic matter souces contributing to hypoxia formation in two eutrophic South Texas estuaries; relationships to watershed land and use practices; $131,411
  • Feiqin Xie
    NASA-Washington; Boundary Layer Cloud Entrainment Study with MODIS, MISR, CALIPSO, GRSRO, AMSRE Measurements and Global Reanalysis; $354,113

    NASA-Washington; Advanced Retrieval of Cloudy Boundary Layer with MODIS, AMSR-E and GPS Radio Occultation’s Direct and Reflected Measurements-Year1 disbursement; $192,812

    NASA-Washington; Making earth system data records for use in research environments (MEASURES); $35,000
  • Richard Coffin
    DOD-Navy-Naval Research Laboratory; Geochemical evaluation of double layered BSRs on the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand; $80,550
  • Toshiaki Shinoda
    DOC-NOAA-Climate Program Office; Improvement of MJO Simulation in NCEP Coupled Forecast System: Upper Ocean and Air-Sea Coupled Processes; $50,639
  • Christopher Bird
    DOC-NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Services; Testing the effects of Community Managed "Rest Areas" on Coastal Hawaiian Fisheries-Year 1 disbursement; $399,516
  • Delbert Smee
    CBBEP; Nueces Bay Marsh Restoration Post Construction Assessment; $5,000
  • Billiot Eugene
    NSF; MRI: Acquisition of an Agilent 7100 Capillary Electrophoresis Instrument for the Enhancement of Research/Teaching at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi; $61,137
  • James Simons
    NOAA; Ecosystem modeling efforts in the Gulf of Mexico: current status and future needs to address management and restoration activities; $182,516

Community Outreach

  • Christina Cisneros
    TCEQ/City of Corpus Christi; Pollution Prevention Partnership FY 2014; $211,530
  • Terri Howe
    CC Business and Job Development Corp.; Small Business Incentive Agreement; $190,635
  • Carole Moody
    TEA; 2014-2015 CTE-Professional Development Project; $295,000

    Texas Workforce Commission; Apprenticeship Instructor Training; $28,000
  • Joe Miller
    TPWD; 2015 Outdoor Education Program; $7,341

    Texas Department of Agriculture; Summer Food Service Program 2015; $6,732
  • Howard Wood
    TGLO; Reduction of Dispersed Oil Toxicity through the Synergistic Application of Hydrocarbon Digesting Microbial Solutions-Year 1 Disbursement; $41,891

    TGLO; Reduction of Dispersed Oil Toxicity through the Synergistic Application of Hydrocarbon Digesting Microbial Solutions-Year 1; $41,891

Conrad Blucher Institute

  • Gary Jeffress
    DOC/NOAA: La Jolla, CA; Operation, Maintenance, Repair and Management of the Houston Galveston Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System; $88,051

    University of Southern Mississippi/DOC-NOAA-La Jolla, CA; University of Southern Mississippi/Northern GUlf Coast Height Modernization-Year 2; $700,000

    Texas Water Development Board; TCOON; $83,000
  • Larry Lloyd
    Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority; San Antonio Bay Water Quality and Hydrodynamic Monitoring; $54,764

    CBBEP; Public Awareness and Education of Nesting Birds; $4,633
  • James Rizzo
    Sabine Neches Navigation District of Jefferson County; Operation, Maintenance, Repair, and Management of the Sabine Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System; $145,677

    Woods Hole Group, Inc./DOC-NOAA-NMFS-Woods Hole; Operation, Maintenance, Repair & Management of the Western Gulf Coast Region National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON) and Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System® (PORTS®); $48,640
  • Philippe Tissot
    TGLO; Coastal Current Monitoring Network; $53,888
  • Deidre Williams
    TGLO; Post-Storm Surveys; $350,754

    City of Corpus Christi; Packery Channel Quarterly Monitoring; $277,084

    TGLO; Pre- and Post-Storm Monitoring of CEPRA Beach Nourishment Projects (Phase 6); $354,726

Center for Coastal Studies

  • Erin Hill
    Naismith Engineering, Inc./TWDB; Explore Landform Modications to Nueces Bay/Delta; $12,000
  • Brien Nicolau
    Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; Support for Nueces Bay Zinc TMDL Effectiveness Monitoring; $35,000

    Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; Oso-Creek/Oso Bay Bacteria TMDL Public Outreach and I-Plan Support; $65,000

    Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; Corpus Christi Bay Beaches TMDL Study; $30,000

    Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; CC Bay Beaches Public Outreach and I-Plan Support; $30,000
  • Paul Zimba
    Environmental Protection Agency; Use of Seawater Electrolysis to Build Artificial Reef Habitat: Comparison with Traditional Shell Reefs; $198,690

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/Department of Energy; A Systems Biology Approach To Microbial Symbioses: How Algal-Bacterial Interactions Control Resource Allocation in Biofuel-Producing Communities; $67,000

    University of Texas - HSC- San Antonio/ Morris Lichtenstein Medical Research Foundation; Euglenophycin Cancer Prevention and Therapy Study; $105,636

Harte Research Institute

  • Matthew Ajemian
    Bermuda Zoological Society; Spotted Eagle Ray Conservation on the Bermuda Platform: New Approaches to Documenting Large-Scale Migration; $5,000
  • Felimon Gayanilo
    TAMRF; Support Services to Maintain and Enhance Interoperable Data Portal for the GCOOS-RA-FY-2015; $114,246
  • James Gibeaut
    TGLO; Mustang and North Padre Island Beach Maintenance Impacts; $60,000

    NASA-Washington; Progress Report: "Suspended Sediment Dynamics of Shallow Wind-Driven Estuaries: A Remote Sensing Approach"; $30,000

    IEC/NOAA; MATSH20-Completing Analysis of Coastal Wetland Erosion; $10,000

    GRI/Gulf of Mexico Alliance; Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative and Data Center (GRIDC) Year 4; $1,418,931
  • John Gold
    TAMU; Next-generation DNA sequencing to inform regulatory decisions regarding spatial sites for marine-aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico; $209,240

    Texas Parks & Wildlife/USFWS; A Genetic Map of Southern Flounder (Paralichthys lethostogma); $47,580

    Texas Park & Wildlife Department; Genotyping Work for Hatchery Broodfish-Year 3; $9,950
  • Lary McKinney
    Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; Texas OneGulf Consortium; $2,094,648
  • Richard McLaughlin
    TGLO/NOAA; TGLO Assessment and Strategy II; $196,402

    TGLO; Updating and Enhancing the Texas Public Access Inventory - Phase Three; $16,941
  • Paul Montagna
    Texas Water Development Board; Determining Optimal Inflow Strategies for the Nueces Delta; $60,000

    Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Florida EPA Agreement; $67,007

    IEC/NOAA; DBENTHIC110-Soft Bottom Sediment; $599,635

    TAMU/DOD; Enhancement of Long-term Monitoring of Human Impacts in Antartica; $55,000

    The Department of Commerce (DOC)/ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); Acidification of Coastal Estuaries Due to Climate Change, Episodic Nutrient Loadings and Hypoxia, and Ocean Acidification; $1,255,080

    DOC-NOAA; The Hydrological Switch: A Novel Mechanism Explains Eutrophication and Acidifcation of Esturaries; $1,255,080

    National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; Texas Environmental Flows Initiative; $248,872.68

    National Academy of Sciences (NAS); Gulf Research Program: linking ecosystem services related to and influenced by oil and gas production to human wellbeing; $118,000
  • David Portnoy
    DOC-NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Services; Genetic Monitoring and Stock Structure of Two Large Coastal Sharks, Using High Throughput Next-Generation Sequencing; $157,709

    Texas Parks & Wildlife Department/USFWS; Identification and Delineation of Critical Shark Nursery Habitat Surrounding Corpus Christi Bay; $76,486

    Texas AgriLife Research/Texas Park & Wildlife Department; On the Brink under the radar: rapid conservation genetic assessment of the highly imperiled Rio Grande Shiner (Notropis Jemezanus) and Development of Management Tools; $32,692

    DOI-Fish and Wildlife Service; Relative Abundance and Trophic Ecology of Two Sympatrically Distributed Sphyrnids, the Scalloped Hammerhead (Sphyrna Lewini), and the Recently Discovered Carolina Hammerhead (Sphyrna Gilberti), within Known Nurseries off the East Coast of the United States; $150,251
  • Gregory Stunz
    DOC-NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Services; Techniques for Minimizing Discard Mortality of Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper and Validating Survival with Acoustic Telemetry; $205,000

    DOC-NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Services; Ecosystem-based Approach to Investigate the Relative Habitat Value of Natural Banks and Oil/Gas Platforms in Enhancing Stock Building of Reef Fishes in the Western Gulf of Mexico; $118,404

    NOAA/TAMU/Texas Sea Grant College Programs; Why are black drum starving in Baffin Bay? An ecosystem-based appproach; $59,081

    Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission; Implementation of the iSnapper Smartphone Application to Collect Data Across All Recreational Sectors in the Gulf of Mexico; $84,991

    NOAA/TAMU/Texas Sea Grant College Programs; Why are black drum starving in Baffin Bay? An ecosystem-based approach; $59,091

    Harvey Well Sportsman Conservationist; The Impact of Cedar Bayou on Sportfish Electronically Tracting Spotted Seatrout in a Recently Open Tidal Inlet; $10,000
  • Gail Sutton
    Gulf of Mexico Alliance/TGLO/NOAA; EIA PIT Team Support; $40,000
  • Wes Tunnell
    University of South Florida/Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative; Center for Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Gulf Ecosystems-C-IMAGE; $357,820
  • David Yoskowitz
    DOC-NOAA-Climate Program Office; Developing Decision Support Tools for Understanding, Communicating, and Adapting to the Impacts of Climate on the Sustainability of Coastal Ecosystem Services; $99,394