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Research, Commercialization and Outreach

Active Sponsored Projects

The following list contains active research projects by Principal Investigators (PIs) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi funded within the past 12 months. The content is updated on a monthly basis (Updated October 28, 2014).

Academic Affairs

  • Gerardo Moreno
    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; Work Study Mentorship Program; $120,000
  • Patricia Spaniol-Mathew
    U.S. Department of Education; McNair Scholars Program; $1,097,575

    U.S. Department of Education; STEM Online Supplemental Instruction Project (STEM-OSIP); $3,301,524

College of Education

  • Phyllis Robertson
    U.S. Department of Education; Future Leaders in Providing Low Incidence Disability Services: FLIP YOUR LIDS; $1,145,395

College of Liberal Arts

  • Catherine Quick
    National Writing Project; SEED Teacher Leadership Development; $20,000

    UT Austin/Texas Education Agency; Write for Texas; $123,297
  • Philip Rhoades
    United Way; Agreement Between Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and the United Way of the Coastal Bend; $21,429

    Texas Department of Transportation; Safe Communities Safe Driving Public Education Campaign; $59,077

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

  • Frances Forgione
    DHHS-HRSA-Bureau of Health Professions; Nursing Workforce Diversity (NWD) Program; $349,926

College of Science and Engineering

  • Darek Bogucki
    University of Miami; Center for Advanced Research on Hydrocarbon Transport in the Environment; $208,990

    NSF; Investigation of Turbulance Generation by Surface Waves; $409,394
  • David Bridges
    DOD-Army-Army Research Office; Velocity Measurement Systems for a Low-Speed Wind Tunnel; $263,340
  • Longzhuang Li
    NSF; MRI: Acquisition of a High Performance Computing Cluster to Support Multidisciplinary Big Data Analysis and Modeling; $399,038
  • Chuntao Liu
    Rockwell Collins, Inc.; Global Distribution of Radar Reflectivity Profiles; $56,000

    University of Utah/Rockwell Collins, Inc.; University of Utah; $50,000
  • Ahmed Mahdy
    Balcony Realty, LLC.; Research Agreement between TAMUCC and Balcony Realty, LLC.; $158,592
  • Riccardo Mozzachiodi
    DHHS-National Institute of Health; Analysis of the Effects of Aversive Experience on Non-Defensive Behaviors and Underlying Neural Circuits; $225,340
  • Dorina Murgulet
    TGLO/NOAA; Evaluating Groundwater Inflow and Nutrient Transport to Texas Coastal Embayments; $85,686
  • Frank Pezold
    TEES; LSAMP Phase V Agreement 2014-2015; $85,767
  • Jennifer Pollack
    Texas State Aquarium; Oyster Reef Restoration: Assessing the Benefits to Food Resources in Texas Bays; $15,000

    TGLO/NOAA; Shell Bank: Improving oyster reef restoration through oyster reef shell recycling, education, and scientific inquiry; $99,228

    Harvey Well Sportsman Conservationist; Why are black drum starving in Baffin Bay?; $10,000

    The Nature Conservancy; Half Moon Restoration (CIAP) Monitoring Projects; $125,959
  • Toshiaki Shinoda
    NSF; Moisture Budget and Air-Sea Interaction Associated with Atmospheric Rivers in the Northeast Pacific: Observations and Climate Model Simulations; $513,479
  • Michael Starek
    U.S. Army Corp of Engineers; Development of Probabilistic Clutter Maps within Complex Forested Terrain Using Airborne Lidar Data; $109,900
  • Michael Wetz
    NSF; Collaborative Research: Heterotrophic microbial community response to dust deposition events; $220,758

    Texas Water Development Board; Water Quality Monitoring of Mid-Coast Estuaries; $20,000

    CBBEP; Baffin Bay Water Quality 2015; $50,000
  • Kim Withers
    TPWD/USFWS; Tidal Stream Macrobenthos Identification/Enumeration: Arroyo Colorado; $27,000
  • Feiqin Xie
    NASA-Washington; Boundary Layer Cloud Entrainment Study with MODIS, MISR, CALIPSO, GRSRO, AMSRE Measurements and Global Reanalysis; $354,113

Community Outreach

  • Christina Cisneros
    TCEQ; AutoCheck FY 2014; $65,058

    TCEQ/City of Corpus Christi; Pollution Prevention Partnership FY 2014; $211,530
  • Joe Miller
    Texas Department of Agriculture; Summer Food Service Program 2014; $6,277

Conrad Blucher Institute

  • Gary Jeffress
    DOC/NOAA: La Jolla, CA; Operation, Maintenance, Repair and Management of the Houston Galveston Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System; $88,051
  • Larry Lloyd
    TAMU/DOC-NOAA; GCOOS Data Provider Search; $14,199

    City of Corpus Christi; Nueces Bay System Salinity and Freshwater Inflow Monitoring 2013-2014; $94,605

    Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority; San Antonio Bay System Monitoring; $54,577

    CBBEP; Nueces Bay Rookery Island Video Monitoring; $10,515
  • James Rizzo
    Sabine Neches Navigation District of Jefferson County; Operation, Maintenance, Repair, and Management of the Sabine Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System; $145,677

    Woods Hole Group, Inc./DOC-NOAA-NMFS-Woods Hole; Operation, Maintenance, Repair & Management of the Western Gulf Coast Region National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON) and Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System® (PORTS®); $48,640
  • Deidre Williams
    TGLO; Post-Storm Surveys; $350,754

Center for Coastal Studies

  • Brien Nicolau
    Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; Support for Nueces Bay Zinc TMDL Effectiveness Monitoring; $35,000

    Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; Oso-Creek/Oso Bay Bacteria TMDL Public Outreach and I-Plan Support; $65,000

    Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; Corpus Christi Bay Beaches TMDL Study; $30,000

    Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; CC Bay Beaches Public Outreach and I-Plan Support; $30,000
  • James Simons
    TAMUG/University of Miami/DOC-NOAA-Southeast Fisheries Sciinence Center; Trophic Database Compilation for an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management in the Gulf of Mexico; $73,960
  • Paul Zimba
    University of Texas-HSC-San Antonio; Euglenophycin Cancer Prevention and Therapy Study; $105,636

    Texas General Land Office; TGLO Intern 2015; $36,300

    Environmental Protection Agency; Use of Seawater Electrolysis to Build Artificial Reef Habitat: Comparison with Traditional Shell Reefs; $198,690

Harte Research Institute

  • Matthew Ajemian
    Bermuda Zoological Society; Spotted Eagle Ray Conservation on the Bermuda Platform: New Approaches to Documenting Large-Scale Migration; $5,000
  • Cristina Carollo
    Gulf of Mexico Alliance; Gulf of Mexico Alliance Regional Ocean Partnership Administration and Coordination; $31,498
  • Felimon Gayanilo
    TAMRF; Support Services to Maintain and Enhance Interoperable Data Portal for the GCOOS-RA-FY-2015; $114,246
  • James Gibeaut
    GRI/Gulf of Mexico Alliance; Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative and Data Center (GRIDC); $650,000

    TGLO; Mustang and North Padre Island Beach Maintenance Impacts; $60,000

    NASA-Washington; Progress Report: "Suspended Sediment Dynamics of Shallow Wind-Driven Estuaries: A Remote Sensing Approach"; $30,000
  • John Gold
    Texas Agrilife Research/DOC-NOAA-NMFS-Washington; Stock Structure, Connectivity, and Effective Population Size of Red Snapper; $207,120

    TAMRF/DOC-NOAA-La Jolla, CA; Construction of a Genetic Map for Direct Use in Aquaculture and Management of Red Drum; $8,010

    TAMU; Next-generation DNA sequencing to inform regulatory decisions regarding spatial sites for marine-aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico; $209,240

    Texas Parks & Wildlife/USFWS; A Genetic Map of Southern Flounder (Paralichthys lethostogma); $47,580
  • Paul Montagna
    NOAA/TAMRF; Modeling and Analysis Tools for Nutrient Dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico-Year 3; $20,000

    Texas Water Development Board; Benthic Monitoring in Mid-Coastal Estuaries-2014; $44,000

    IEC/NOAA; DBENTHIC110-Soft Bottom Sediment; $457,778
  • Fabio Moretzsohn
    British Petroleum; Pictorial Field Guide to Deep-Sea Organisms of the Gulf of Mexico; $49,963
  • Gregory Stunz
    Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission; Implementation of the iSnapper Smartphone Application to Collect Data Across All Recreational Sectors in the Gulf of Mexico; $212,295

    DOC-NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Services; Techniques for Minimizing Discard Mortality of Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper and Validating Survival with Acoustic Telemetry; $205,000

    DOC-NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Services; Ecosystem-based Approach to Investigate the Relative Habitat Value of Natural Banks and Oil/Gas Platforms in Enhancing Stock Building of Reef Fishes in the Western Gulf of Mexico; $118,404
  • David Portnoy
    DOC-NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Services; Genetic Monitoring and Stock Structure of Two Large Coastal Sharks, Using High Throughput Next-Generation Sequencing; $157,709
  • David Yoskowitz
    Texas Parks & Wildlife; Socio-Economic of SCUBA Diving on Texas Artificial Reefs; $76,749

    DOC-NOAA-Climate Program Office; Developing Decision Support Tools for Understanding, Communicating, and Adapting to the Impacts of Climate on the Sustainability of Coastal Ecosystem Services; $99,394